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Meet Our B.I.G. Team
Get to Know Us

Success, one relationship at a time. Success is the goal of our services to you. We work tirelessly to assist you with your business needs. Our team of consultants are highly skilled and trained to provide a variety of services. 


Yahne' Adams

Master Consultant, CEO, & Founder

Yahne' Adams is the founder, CEO, and Master Strategist at B. I. G CONSULTING. Ms. Adams specializes in customer service, training, branding, strategy, management consulting, business analysis, and organization optimization. At B. I. G CONSULTING, we provide training and strategy consulting to entrepreneurs looking to scale or expand their reach. Under Ms. Adams, B. I. G. Consulting was voted 2019 Best in Customer Service by the Bakersfield Young Entrepreneurs Group (BYE). 
Ms. Adams has lived in California for over 52 years and has mentored thousands of entrepreneurs locally and nationally. She has over a decade of consulting experience as well as over 17 years of experience in Human Services. She is also a social media influencer with a social media reach of over 21,000. She was voted 2019 Socialite of the Year by BYE. She is a member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. 
Ms. Adams has a bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Art. As an undergraduate, she studied human behavior and its impact on businesses. Ms. Adams also studied two-dimensional design and can create full-color conceptualizations on various media types. Ms. Adams has a master's degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Phoenix (UOP). During her time at UOP, she presented a research proposal involving systems performance and the strengths perspective in an organizational setting. Ms. Adams is currently a first-year doctoral student at Grand Canyon University in their psychology program specializing in Industrial Organizational Psychology. She plans to use qualitative research methods to study how promoting wellness increases productivity within large organizational systems. Her goal is to help organizations increase productivity by having a healthier workplace culture. She plans to continue her work as a consultant and to help entrepreneurs by providing expert coaching, training, and sound organizational strategy.


Kim Washington

Chief Operations Officer & Consultant

Kim Washington is the Chief Operations Officer, and consultant of B. I. G. CONSULTING, LLC. Ms. Washington and our team at B. I. G. Consulting, LLC are ready to grow your business. Ms. Washington has over 20 years of experience in Customer Service, organizational culture, and holds a Master’s degree in Human Services / Nonprofit Management. Ms. Washington is currently completing a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership, with an emphasis in organizational design.  Ms. Washington understands the various needs of organizations, and specializes in work-life balance, culture transformation, and volunteer management. Ms. Washington lives in Houston, Texas, and has been assisting individuals and organizations for over 10 years.


Bonnie Holt

Sr. Consultant

Bonnie Holt one of our top consultants at B. I. G CONSULTING, LLC. Ms. Holt has over 15 years of experience in Human Services, as well as Master’s degree in Sociology.  Ms. Holt knows businesses. She is a published author and has experience in dealing with the dynamics of human behavior and the interactions in both private business and non-profit sectors. Ms. Holt has lived in Bakersfield, California for over a decade and has been servicing clients in a number of areas including throughout Kern County.


Dr. Ashley Washington, Pharm.D

Director of Branding & Marketing

Dr. Washington's diverse background affords her the opportunity to stay abreast of current trends. Dr. Washington has a keen eye for design, advertising, and research strategies. She is knowledgeable of markets, and demography, and has a flair for creativity. Dr. Washington is an excellent researcher, with a talent to study competitive products and services, and develop strategies to win.


Jazlyn RedDay

Data Entry Assistant

Jazlyn is our go to assistant for all data entry related concerns. Jazlyn has confidence, and is skilled at handling a myriad of task with ease. Multitasking is one of her strong suits. She is extremely organized, and is eager to learn new protocols. We are very excited to have her as a part of our team.


Kaleb Adams

Data Entry & Social Media Assistant

Kaleb is a great asset to our team. Kaleb is skilled in social media and excels in Microsoft Office Suite. Investigator is his middle name...(not really...LOL!), however, he is excellent at unearthing information. He's also a great communicator and networker.

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